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Department of Valuation and Financial Consulting

The concept of value and valuation-related activities is the one tied with all financial operations including financing, portfolio and investment management, financial affairs of companies and their financial restructuring. Each one of these activities requires a kind of valuation in parts of its operational process. 
Valuation of assets including securities is one of the basic constituents that affect investment decisions. Principled and right valuation of assets leads to optimized allocation of investment resources. Principled decision-making on investment and optimized allocation of investment resources necessitates valuation of stocks applying credible and scientific methods, because market prices are not much trusted or that price detection is not realized at least in the short term due to fake and slashing fluctuations in the market.
Didgahan Novin, in its department of valuation of plans, stocks, enterprises, bank collaterals and the like, offers services exploiting valuation experts, financial experts, certified judiciary experts besides implementing stock valuation methods that correspond to the features of each company. 

Organizational structure of the department of valuation and financial Consulting


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