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Department of capital market management
Accomplished in the department of assets management are activities related to the granted certificates by the Securities and Stocks Exchange organization and also activities related to investment and consultancy on investment market as follows: 

Portfolio and investment fund management

Didgahan Novin (Investment Advisor Enterprise) operates as portfolio broker of Barekat knowledge-based Co. and Tadbir Bartar management supervising  Co. valued IRRls.10 billion and as the manager of Setaregan fund-in-fund at present. Moreover, negotiations have been finalized with founders to establish a venture fund on the basis of computer games, animations, a shared investment fund with fixed income, and retaining a management position in that company. 
Trusteeship activities
Didgahan Novin (Investment Advisor Enterprise) is operating as a trustee on four shared investment funds:
Fund                                          Type                                                Since
1 Novin Negar Asia (Joint-venture fund)
on stocks                                    17  Sep. 2015
2 Saba  (Joint-venture fund)
                                   on stocks                                   
14  Nov. 2015
3 Marketing Private Fund of                                 
Sepehr Saderat Treasury
Marketing 30 Aug.  2014
4 Charity fund of  Imam         
Khomeini Relief Committee
on stocks          Principled negotiation underway
5 Novin Health Fund                           
venture Principled negotiation underway

Subscription Consulting

According to the rules and regulations governing capital market, subscribing new securities in stock market or OTC (out of the counter) or their public stock-trading necessitates the procedures where the presence and role-play of a subscription or stock-trading advisor is required. The processes categorized as services by stock-trading and subscription advisors are consisted of: 
o Consultation on devising and execution of financing through capital market for companies and plans
o Consultation on subscribing companies in stock market or OTC (out of the counter)
o Increasing company capital
o Primary public subscription of company stocks
o Consultation on subscribing debt securities including Sukuk, bonds or other securities
Didgahan Novin (Investment Advisor Enterprise) has concluded contracts in advisory services of stock-trading, subscribing and capital increase during the fiscal year expired on 20 Nov. 2016 as follows:
Company    Contract date      kind of service        procedure
1 Mobin one Kish  --- subscription Consulting        emblem in OTC
2 Persia Oil & gas Industry Development    
1 Aug. 2018 Subscription & stock-trading Consulting Resumed subscription procedure in stock market
3 RahKam Iranain 11 Jul. 2016 Capital increase, subscription Consulting Granted conditional subscription
4 Sepahan cement 21 Oct. 2016 Consulting on Subscription of self-bonds promise
5 Modiran Chemie 19 Sep. 2016 Capital increase concluded
Analysis of Industries and Enterprises

With respect to the abovementioned, Didgahan Novin analyses various industries and subscribed enterprises in the stock market through its department of assets management by means of expert analysts (fundamental, technical) and sub-organization expert advisors.
1. Analysis of base-metal industries, petrochemical products, coke, oil products, mining metals
2. Analyzing subscribed enterprises in the stock market and reporting it in
3. Nasheran database analysis system (TEDAN)  






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