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Didgahan Novin Provides
Along with the certificates delivered by our company we can provide our clients with the followings:
1.     Investment Consulting
2.     Financing Consulting
3.     Consulting for Listing Securities in Capital Market
4.     Portfolios and Assets management
5.     Financial Information Analyses
Regarding the certifications delivered from different Authorities for vast sum of consultancy arenas, Didgahan Novin due to its objectives, using novel, interactive and special methods entered specialty arenas of valuation, feasibility studies, business plans, supervising the projects, guiding, leading and assessing knowledge-based companies and startups, valuating startups.
Didgahan Novin is also a member of The Association of Financial Engineering of Iran, The Credit and Bank Investment Advisory Center, and The Association of Management Consultants of Iran.
Other Services
1.     Portfolio deals, trusteeship, analyzing industries and Consulting on Listing Securities in Capital Market
2.     Economic studies, identifying investment opportunities
3.     Guiding, Leading and Assessing knowledge-based plans and valuating them
4.     Valuating plans, company shares, bank collaterals
5.     Managing, directing and supervising investment projects and project management

 Didgahan Novin Departments

Although enormous services offered by financial advisories could not be examined within a definite and limited framework, an appropriate categorization could be devised on the basis of the areas of activities of each department and the target market for the services they offer. Concerning the services explained in the previous section, Didgahan Novin bears 6 organizational departments:

1. Department of Capital Market Services (including Investment Fund Management, Portfolio Management, Trustee of the Fund, Consulting on Listing Securities in Capital Market, analyzing industries and companies)

2. Department of Economic Studies

3. Department of Valuating Plans, company shares and bank collaterals

6. Department of managing, directing and supervising investment projects and project management

4. Department of conducting, directing and assessing knowledge-based and start-up plans

5. Department of financing Consulting


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