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For the decision-making to be finalized about investment on proposed plans by investors, a market study as well as technical, financial and economic feasibility study is required. The approach of the Institute in these studies is to apply the latest scientific techniques along with regional economic condition and industrial capacities in Iran. Thus, other than implementing known scientific approaches in these studies, the experimental knowledge of the institute is used along with economic realities in order to discover and fact-find different aspects and features of the plans. 
Considering the above-mentioned, economic studies started to operate as an independent department since 9 Jun. 2013 to prepare reports on economic, financial and technical feasibility studies. Having specialty sub-branches of market, technical, financial and economics in use along with experienced, distinguished experts, the department is arranged to offer services of market studies and feasibility studies for applicant investors, institutions and organizations in various areas. 

Organizational chart of the Department of Economic Studies


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