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Valuation of SETAYESHMEHR BEIRAMI, Packaging and processing of Dates, Food Industry industry ( code)
Packaging Cereals and Grains’s Feasibility Study for SANE' GOSTAR E OMID co. in the packed Beans and grains of Food Industeries industry, Location in SANQAR KOLIYAEE, Kermanshah
Valuation of CASPIAN PETRO AZAR, oil products, Oil industry (FB code)


Financial consultant with strong technical and engineering support

Expertise and experience in financial affairs, along with extensive communication with technical experts and industry experts, has transformed the views of the newer into a distinct consultant in providing services.

Industrial consulting

Combining centralized experiences with new perspectives in the industry has enabled this collection to provide a comprehensive and specialized service to selected industries.

Your dedicated financial advisor

New ideas provide customers with a complete range of financial services, with full knowledge of the needs of their customers, and require their customers to visit other companies.

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The modern vision strategy, along with the maintenance of a qualitative and quantitative level of activities, the development of specialist services in the field of industry, the provision of services to knowledgeable companies and the expansion of the scope of services to the banking and international trade.


Professional values such as fairness, impartiality, attention and full satisfaction of customers' needs form the basis of value for the new perspective.
Human Capital

Human Capital

Maintaining and developing a coherent, enthusiastic and prolific team, along with the knowledge and experience of this group, is the largest capital of modern perspectives.
Industrial priorities

Industrial priorities

Along with providing a package of financial services to all businesses, modern insights in four industries: 1. Oil, gas and petrochemicals, 2. Financial services, 3. Communication and information technology, 4. Health, medicine and medicine, specialized services. .


One of the main Objectives of Didgahan Novin Financial Adviser is to develop the novel Services relevant to the needs and Requirements of its Customers.
work relationships

work relationships

Job Rotation is the recent activity in Didgahan Novin Financial Adviser to promote its personnel for providing the Optimal and Comprehensive Services.
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